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Gifts, Decors, and Housewares

  • VM Marble (Lampshade)


    VM Marble Craft’s lampshades are one of a kind nifty decorations for your house. It will give you a dim accent in your room that will surely allow your body to relax and put your mind to rest. These novelties are also ideal for gifts and souvenirs available in variety of designs. Available colors are the following:

    • bright earthly brown called "Argo";
    • undulating strips of brown and white called "Century";
    • cloudy white called "White Marble";
    • blend of leafy green and white shades called "Green Onyx";
    • ash gray called "Gray Marble"; and
    • midnight black called "Black Marble".

    These colors will definitely bring out your room and illuminated with the best. Also, lamps’ sizes have various dimensions such as 4x6", 5x8", 6x10", and 7x12" that will fit in anywhere you like. Also, these lamps were made sturdy and is sure to be your lifelong companion.

  • VM marble (Key Chain)


    Looking for an original souvenir or gift-idea from Romblon? Yearn no more cause VM Marble Craft has it all for you! VM Marble Craft is one of the renowned marble shop in the town of Odiongan, Romblon due to its low-cost marble souvenirs such as these cute key chains. Available in various designs and shapes— heart, egg, fish, foot and many more! To make it even more special, it can be bought with you or your loved ones’ nicknames engraved on it. These quality-wise tokens are just pieces of memories to take to your friends, colleagues, and relatives. A perfect symbol of thoughtfulness. Have one and bring a piece of Romblon in your journey!

  • VM Marble (Almires)


    Note: VM Marble Crafts' order transaction depends on the availability of sizes and colors.
    Manufacturer: VM Marble Craft
    For details on how to order your preferred size and style, you may contact VM Marble Crafts through +639394928557.

  • VM Marble (Cell Phone Stand)


    VM Marble Craft Cell Phone Stand is your kind of organizer that combines elegance and durability. Classy as those porcelain figurines, this marble piece can last longer even with heavy pressure. It comes in different shapes, designs, and sizes— dolphin, shoe, human hand, chair and many more which is very ideal for souvenirs, tokens, and decorations. If you want to give it a personal touch, you can also submit personalized designs to the firm for crafting!

    Order now or call us for your personalized marble craft to be delivered right on your doorstep.

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