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  • Rovilla's Instant Ginger Tea (140g)


    For many generations, ginger tea, known locally as salabat, has been widely used for its health benefits. Rovilla's Instant Ginger Tea captures the sharp aroma and the classic tangy flavor of the timeless drink.

    Known for its sharp aroma and classic tangy flavor, ginger tea can help strengthen immunity, maintain normal blood circulation, and improve digestion. Aside from this, it can act as a fat burner and help in weight loss, and prevent high blood pressure. It has also been proven to minimize the risks of diabetes because it can help the body manage glucose levels and keep it in check .

    Try a cup of Rovilla's Instant Ginger Tea as an alternative to synthetic energy drinks. This all-natural drink will allow your body to stay active.

  • Rovilla's Turmeric Powder (80g)


    Turmeric, commonly called "luyang dilaw", is a good source of Vitamin B6, dietary fiber, and potassium. It is best for the brain and is proven to help stabilize your blood pressure and reduce your risks of diabetes. With the pungent combination of sweet and spicy taste, Rovilla's Turmeric Tea is a soothing treat for your stomach every after a full meal. It is also a good habit that brings seamless health benefits.

    Burp healthily, drink Turmeric Tea!

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